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1. “Would love for him to give examples of great summer to fall transition pieces” – Joelle

Hi Joelle! Thanks for the great question! We are officially into fall, though it might not feel like it in some parts of the country – so this is a perfect topic to discuss. Here are my “Nick Tips” for you:

Add Tights to Your Summer Dresses

Dresses were big for Spring/Summer and I’m sure you have several light chiffon or cotton voile pieces in your closet. These were great for that summer weekend in 110 degree Palm Springs, but what do you do when it’s now 65 degrees? Just add tights or leggings! You’ll still have that casual summer chic feeling, but you won’t be chilly (or get glances from people on the street wondering why you are still dressed for summer). I’m guessing you already own several pairs of tights or leggings, so you can transition your closet from summer to fall overnight.

Nick Verreos 1photo credits:, H&M, 

Accessorize to Blend Summer and Fall Style

My second summer-fall transition suggestion involves accessories, in particular, shoes. You might want to keep wearing that lightweight summer frock or even your favorite denim shorty-shorts, and you can — just swap out your sandals for booties or riding boots. And if the temp gets cool enough, pull on a pair of knee-length boots to add a fall style twist to your basic t-shirt and skinny jeans look.

Nick Verreos 2photo credits: Zara tall boots, Acne boots (outfit styled on GlamBistro), TopShop riding boots

Jacket Vests!

A third transition suggestion is to keep wearing those great jacket vests that were UBER popular this Spring/Summer. These are cut longer and looser than a traditional long-sleeve jacket with lapels. For summer, these were great with a tank top underneath, and in the fall, you can wear them with long sleeve blouses or t-shirts.

Nick Verreos 3photo credits: ASOS sleeveless jacket and sleeveless blazer

The Easiest Way: Throw on a Scarf!

Not a silky Hermes wrap, but a knit or cotton/wool one that you can wrap around your neck for warmth and style. I love “infinity scarves,” the scarves that are already draped, so all you need to do is put it throw it around your neck like a necklace!

Nick Verreos 4photo credits: floral scarf on Nordstom, infinity scarf on Nordstrom, MaxMara scarf on thredUP

2. “I love prints but I’m stumped on how to effectively mix them w/o looking like an eyesore. Any tips on mixing prints?” — Shervon

I get asked this style question often, and I have the answer! When mixing prints, make sure to stay within the SAME COLOR FAMILY. In other words, if your top is a blue floral print, then your bottom (skirt or pants) should be in the same shade of blue or a complimentary one. If you have blue and white striped pants, you can pair them with a violet blue floral.

And just one more “Nick Tip” when it comes to mixing prints: alternate the sizes of your printed garments. What I mean by that is don’t wear pants with a large floral print paired with a large striped top. Instead pair the large floral print pants with a top that has thin stripes (or vice versa). And if your shape is more pear-like, keep the smaller print on the bottom and the bigger print up top for a most flattering look.

Nick Verreos 5 photo credits:,,

thredUP is based in San Francisco, where the temperature can shift 15 degrees from neighborhood to neighborhood, and layering is less a technique than a lifestyle. So you can trust us when we say that when it comes to transitioning to cooler weather, we know exactly what to do. We’ve chosen four pieces that are absolute essentials when it comes to dressing up (and down, and up, and down again), all of which will take you straight through the fall and become winter closet staples.
A feminine blouse: When it comes to base layers, a silky blouse is hard to beat. It’s light enough that you can pile on the sweaters and jackets, but not so insubstantial that you’ll shiver– and it looks great regardless of whether it’s peeking over the top of a crewneck sweater or rolling solo on a warmer day. This pink Patterson J. Kincaid blouse and red Topshop blouse update a classic silhouette with warm, feminine colors, while this Calvin Klein blouse has a vibrant pattern but neutral colors, making it work with all kinds of top layers.
A killer skirt: Skirts are having a moment right now, and the most popular shapes– pencils and A-lines– are the ones that flatter the widest range of bodies. When you’re seeking a fall skirt, avoid light and floaty and go for richly textured, like the brocade print in this Maeve pencil skirt or the funky homespun of this Ace & Jig A-line skirt. Even if you’re sticking with basic black, don’t be afraid to add a little embellishment, like the chain on this White House Black Market skirt.
A cozy scarf: You will rarely see a San Francisco woman without a scarf, and for good reason. They’re the perfect transition accessory for when the wind gets chilly, but a coat seems a bit too heavy. The thicker and cozier the knit, the better. This J. Crew scarf will wrap tight and comes in a go-with-everything neutral, while a thick ASOS snood will transition nicely from topping a fall jacket to warming up a winter coat.
A chic ankle bootie: Fall and boots are like peanut butter and jelly– made for each other. (A great new boot is pretty much the only thing that can snap us out of our sadness while we pack away our summer sandals.) This season, a classic ankle bootie is the hottest shape going, whether it’s a flat Chelsea-style boot like this pair from H&M, or a sexy wedge bootie from Dolce Vita. Don’t be afraid to splurge: this is a mainstay shape you’ll be wearing for years to come.
What piece are you most looking forward to putting on this fall? Let us know in the comments. 
As the weather cools and the leaves start to turn, it’s clear that fall is on its way— complete with crunchy leaves, warm sweaters, stylish boots, and pumpkin-spice everything. So as you pack away your shorts and swimsuits, why not bring a touch of the season indoors as well? Here are some great DIY projects that will give your home an autumnal feel, without consuming too much time in a busy schedule of back-to-schooling, finding Halloween costumes, and apple picking.
DIY with the Sweetest Occasion
A gold leaf pine cone garland: For a rustic-chic touch on a budget, give The Sweetest Occasion’s adorable pine-cone garland a try. (Bonus: You can probably find all the materials you’ll need for it in your backyard!) Hang it on your mantel now with a bit of burnt orange or chocolate ribbon, then switch it out for red when the holidays roll around.

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It’s October! If you haven’t come up with the perfect Halloween costume yet, don’t worry. We have an easy solution to looking festive without running out to the costume shop. Halloween nails! We’ve scoured Pinterest to find the the cutest, spookiest, and most glam DIY nail looks of the season — most of which can be created with only a thin brush and a couple of shades that you probably already own.

Mild: Harvest French Tips

These are pretty, festive and fun! Not to mention, super easy to create. All you need is a nude base and a shimmery orange for the tips! Pro tip: Use a pointed Q-tip dipped in polish remover to correct any smudges or mistakes.


Mild: Werewolf Claws

These are cute and clever, but subtle enough that they’d be acceptable at most workplaces. They’re also super easy to create. Use your favorite nude polish to paint a base on the whole nail. Once it’s dry, use a shiny black polish to paint the claws over it. Pro tip: to get the claws to come to perfect points, use sticky notes. Put the adhesive edge on your nail and paint over it to create the straight line. The adhesive is gentle, so it won’t mess us the base coat when you pull it off (just be sure the base is fully dried before you do it).

Werewolf Claw Nails  |  styleUP

Wild: Spooky Halloween Trees

We love this DIY because the finished product looks so complicated, but the steps are all pretty simple. You’ll need orange, a darker orange, red, and black polish, and a toothpick for drawing the tree and branches. Simply follow the steps pictured, and voila, spooky tree nails! Spooky Tree Nails  |  styleUP

Wilder: Jack Skellington Nails

We’re HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fans over here, so naturally we couldn’t leave this tutorial out. Again, we love that the finished project looks complicated, but the steps are super easy.

Skeleton Nails  |  styleUP

Wildest: Frankenstein Nails!

So, green nails aren’t for everyone, but this monstrous DIY is too perfect to pass up. Paint a green base, then use a small bristle brush to paint on the faces. Bonus points for Frankenstein a different facial expression on each nail! Monster Nails  |  styleUP

In February, the thredUP team studied the looks at New York Fashion Week to predict the trends you’d be seeing on store shelves this fall. We’re happy to report, we nailed the color trends, but while it’s easy to predict color patterns, it’s harder to know which pieces are going to make the grade for fall wear. Here are five that you’ll be seeing everywhere:


1. The oversized sweater
What to look for: A thick, heavy knit that’s oversized through the body but fits in the shoulders, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a hand-me-down from your grandpa.
2. The bucket bag
What to look for: The ’90s are back, but a little more luxe this time. A classic bucket bag, preferably in black leather or with some black-and-white patterning, holds everything without looking frumpy.
3. Faux fur
What to look for: Don’t bother with faux fur that’s aiming for real-fur appeal– go straight for colors not found in nature, wacky layering pieces, and oversized coats that Margot Tenenbaum would dig. Like we said, the ’90s are back.
4. The slouchy pant
What to look for: Try channeling Diane Keaton in Annie Hall for this one. You want a pant that’s high-waisted, slouchy through the thighs, then cuffed or cropped above the ankle.
5. Marled knits
What to look for: Black-and-white knits are particularly hot this year, especially in pullover shapes. Look for speckled versions in cool shapes.
What trend are you looking forward to trying out as the weather cools? Let us know in the comments!

Nick VerreosTastefully Show Off Your ‘Assets’

There are great, simple fashion tricks to help balance your shape and let you tastefully show off those assets! I love answering this question because small style changes can instantly flatter a figure with a larger bust and reveal sexy (safe for work!) curves.

  • Open up the neckline. This will visually balance your torso. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to expose the “sisters” for everyone to see, but just a hint of a cleavage doesn’t hurt.
  • Showcase the “three-quarter shot”. The three-quarter shot draws focus from the waist up, the area you want to highlight. This is the part of you that your dinner date will see, and guests at an event or party will pay attention to when you’re having a conversation.

Style Suggestions

  • Say YES! To: Open necklines: u-neck, v-neck, scoop neck blouses, shirts, tank tops and sweaters. These tops will expose that sexy clavicle area and balance the top half of your body.
  • Now that you’ve opened up the neckline, you can add a great statement necklace to bring more attention to your beautiful neck and shoulder area.
  • Say NO! To: Cowl tops. These are the tops that feature drapy fabric across the bust; they will add bulk to a busty gal’s already plentiful top half.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 8.53.57 AM(L to R): U-Neck Top, Lane Bryant; V-Neck Empire Top by BCBGMAXAZRIA, thredUP (also available in black); V-Neck Empire Top by Tibi, thredUP

Balance a Pear-Shaped Figure

Do you carry more weight in your hips? OWN it, like Kim Kardashian and JLo! But first, consider a few of these “Nick Tips” to create a more balanced look.

Style Suggestions

  • Say “YES!” To: A-line skirts or dresses — flared, so they just skim your fabulous hips. If you want to bring out your inner Kim K. or JLo, go ahead and look for pencil skirts, but make sure they’re not TOO short. Knee-length or just above the knee — anything shorter will ride up!
  • Add a pair of straight or slim-leg pants to your style list. Look for flat front, tailored pieces. These silhouettes will skim your hips rather than emphasize them.
  • Say “NO!” To: Flared pants! And definitely NO bell bottoms or severe boot cut pants (this includes jeans). And no pleats please! Pleats on pants add more bulk to an area you are trying to minimize.

Triangle Figure Styles

(L to R): A-line Dress, J. Crew on thredUP (size 10); Curvy Fit Pencil Skirt, LOFT; Straight Leg, Tailored Pants, H&M (plus)

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Nick VerreosWe’re excited to have fashion designer, “Project Runway: Under The Gunn” winning mentor and red carpet expert, Nick Verreos here to share his style advice and famous “Nick Tips” with the thredUP community this month— our “September Issue” of styleUP! We’re kicking it off with a series of simple tips from Nick that we can incorporate into our style routines to put our most fashionable foot forward.

Hi there, thredUP fashionistas! I’m excited to bring some of my “Nick Tips” and style advice to EVERY WOMAN here on styleUP. Lots of women ask for helpful tips to dress for their body type. ”What styles will work best for me?” is a common question I hear, and I love answering it! I’ve put together some tips to help YOU look your best. I want fashion to be your friend and to show you that you don’t have to break the bank to look super FAB!

Get that Hourglass Figure! Is your bust-waist-hip ratio similar? Have a rather square-shaped figure? I have some “Nick Tips” to achieve curves instantly! It’s simple. Look for tops and dresses that create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 12.53.50 PM(L to R): Draped V-Neck Top, Banana Republic; Surplice Top by Carmen Marc Valvo, thredUP; Wrap Dress by Trina Turk, thredUP; A-line Wrap Dress, Lane Bryant

Style Suggestions

  • Say YES wrap dresses and surplice tops. Basically, anything that has a diagonal-shaped neckline. This does two things: opens up your neckline (showcasing that sexy clavicle area) and also draws the eye downward, giving the illusion of a curvier torso shape.
  • Look for tops, dresses, and tunics with diagonal gathering. This will draw the eye away from a square shape and helps create that hourglass illusion.
  • Finally, showcase your “underbust”. Look for Empire-line (high waist) tops that define the area under your bust. This is the smallest measurement on your torso, so highlighting this area instantly gives the illusion of a curvier shape.
  • Say NO to shapeless tunics and dresses. They won’t provide any flattering curves! Instead, look for dresses with seaming or tops with that important Empire seam.

Check back later this week for more Nick Tips on dressing for YOUR body!

Nick Verreos received national and international attention after appearing on Project Runway and has enjoyed great success as a red carpet fashion expert and correspondent for E! Entertainment , Style Network, NBC and CNN International. For the past five years, he has been a regular panelist on TV Guide Network’s Fashion Wrap for the Golden Globes, Grammys, SAG Awards, Primetime Emmys and the Academy Awards.Nick Verreos has had a Passion for Fashion long before appearing on Project Runway. In 2001, he co-founded NIKOLAKI with his design and business partner David Paul. His collections of high-end, red carpet gowns and cocktail dresses have been worn by Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Heidi Klum, Eva Longoria and Carrie Underwood. Last year, he launched his lower-priced NV Nick Verreos dress line in over 150 stores across the U.S. Recently, Nick became the Winning Mentor of the “Project Runway” spinoff, “Under The Gunn”. As a designer, red carpet commentator and throughout his many appearances and events, he has one mantra: “Every Woman deserves her own Red Carpet Moment.”

Way back in February, the thredUP team combed the runways at New York Fashion Week to predict the trends you’d be seeing on store shelves this fall. But the trip from the catwalk to your local mall is a long one, and not every trend makes the jump. Here’s our scorecard on which NYFW trends you’ll be seeing in store aisles and on your favorite fashion blogs (and which you won’t).

1. Neutrals
What we said then: “Unexpected quilting, lace, leather, and color blocking give a boost to classic black, gray, cream, and camel.”
Did it happen? Obviously, none of these colors are ever truly out of style, but if anything, we’re seeing more color this year (with the exception of black and white– more on that below).

2. Vibrant red

What we said then: “There’s nothing hotter than a rich, brilliant red, and the shows for Kye, Josie Natori, Tome, and Mark and Estel were filled with candy-apple shades for the fall.”
Did it happen? Oh yeah. You’re going to be seeing plenty of red this fall.
Try it out: Longchamp tote, Vince chunky cardigan, Bettina Liano pencil skirt 

3. Shimmer and shine

What we said then: “Everyone loves a little glimmer and glamour, and modern takes on shiny metallics were all over the runways this year.”
Did it happen? Absolutely. Cool silver and bright gold tones are especially hot.
Try it out: J. Crew flats, Banana Republic dress, Shoe Mint flats4. Bold prints

What we said then: “Fun and exciting geometric prints were a Fashion Week favorite this year, served up in shades of modern plum, camel, bronze, and black.”
Did it happen? You’ll definitely see some bold prints, but it’s not a major trend for fall– this trend hit a little early, in the summer, which makes sense given that it’s a more lively, party-centric time of year. The exception, once again, is black and white.5. Black & white

What we said then: “The eternally dynamic duo stayed fresh thanks to intriguing patterns and fun shapes.”
Did it happen? Yup. Bold patterns, stripes, and swirls in the classic combo are all over the place.
What trend are you looking forward to trying out as the weather cools? Let us know in the comments.
sunniesAs you soak up the last of the summer rays this Labor Day weekend, it’s important to ensure that they stay out of your delicate eyes. Thankfully, sunglasses pretty much define cool, and this summer’s trendy shades are definitely on the mark. We’ve rounded up the hot new shapes that work best on different faces, at a couple of different price points that will satisfy the hardcore sunglass investor as well as the hardcore sunglass-forgetter (don’t worry, we’ve lost our share too). An added bonus: even when the temperatures cool, these shades will last you into the fall and beyond.
The face shape: Wide at the temples and narrower at the chin.
The sunglass shape: It’s best to choose a shape of lens that’s similar to the heart-shape of the face. Classic aviators are a perfect choice, and won’t overwhelm the smaller bottom half of your face.
The affordable option: $19 gold aviators from ASOS.
The face shape: Generally balanced, with cheekbones as the widest point of the face. The chin might be slightly narrower than the forehead.
The sunglass shape: This face shape can pull off the boldest looks. Cat-eye frames, with their exaggerated proportions, will make your face look narrower.
The face shape: Round faces tend to have foreheads with a similar width to the chin, and fuller cheeks.
The sunglass shape: Square and rectangular shapes help define the features of a round face.
The affordable option: $6 square shades from Forever 21.
The face shape: The name says it all– square faces are pretty much the same width from top to bottom.
The sunglass shape: Round frames balance out the angular features of a square face.

Thanks to lazy days, long vacations, and body-baring temperatures, summer is the perfect time to try on– and show off– a new trend. And as fashion followers know, the big designers are always ready to offer a smorgasbord of ideas that quickly trickle down to average Janes with average pocketbooks. Here are some of the biggest trends going in fashion this year, and where you can score them without spending a fortune.

summer trends1

1. Slip dresses
Remember those filmy, spaghetti-strapped numbers from the ’90s? They’re back in action, with updated fabrics. Try this affordable black basic from Bcbgmaxazria as a starter.
How to wear it: Channel ’90s grunge by tying a flannel around your waist or neck and throwing on some Doc Martens, or layer a striped tee underneath and add some cool oxfords.
2. A pastel moto jacket
The classic moto silhouette will never go out of style, but it’s gotten a fresh update in bright pastel shades of pink and aqua green. Or stick with the stand-by colors and save-splurge on this Etiqueta Negra Mujer jacket or classic Markoo Leather moto.
How to wear it: Add a touch of toughness over a flowy floral dress, or brighten up a simple skinny jeans and white tank combo.
3. Crop tops
These are the hottest thing going for summer, and even if you’re self-conscious about your stomach, there are ways to pull it off. Look for combos that bare the flesh just under your bra line, like a black Adrianna Papell top. Then opt for a long, flowy, bright bottom like this aqua Windsor maxi skirt or whimsical black number, to balance out the bared skin.
How to wear it: Since this look is definitely a bit revealing, keep accessories simple: sleek heels and a streamlined matching bag.
4. Culottes
We can’t believe it either, but these longish, flared ’70s skirt-pants are very much a trend at the moment. A relaxed pair from ASOS goes nicely with anything formal and fitted– think tucked in button-ups or slim-cut crewneck sweaters.
How to wear it: Look for a pair that hits mid-calf and has a flowy feel. Heels are pretty much a must for this look, in order to elongate your legs; try slim stilettos or a pair of mules with chunky, squarish heels. Most of all, don’t wear anything sloppy on top, or else you’ll look like you’re wearing sweats.
summer trends2
5. Ear cuffs
Earrings are so last year. The new trend: decorating one lobe with a long cuff, featuring punky rhinestones or warm rose gold. Add chunky studs in your actual lobes to give it an extra-hip feel, or dip your toe in with this combo earring-cuff.
How to wear it: With anything– just be sure to keep it to one ear, and pull your hair back or side-part it for the full effect!
6. Knife-pleat skirts
Hello, Marilyn Monroe! These ladylike skirts are perfect for summer, with their loose, flowy, chiffon-y feel. Add a twist to the traditional style with short and colorful picks like this this mint-green one from Last Tango and this one from Forever21.
How to wear it: Their classic shape makes knife-pleat skirts exceptionally easy to wear: pair a high-waisted one with a crop top, make it office-appropriate by tucking in a button-up, or dress it down with a chic sweatshirt.
7. Tropical prints
This isn’t your dad’s Hawaiian shirt. Leafy, colorful prints are showing up on cute, loose button-ups and tanks that call out for beach days (like this Joie top and this one from Ted Baker), as well as sleek and sexy dresses (this one from Tibi is a head-turner).
How to wear it: Like any pattern, you’ll want to ease up on the accessories to let it take center stage. The good news: these prints are full of color, meaning they’ll coordinate with any number of basic tees, tanks, and shorts in your closet.
8. Blingy patterns
Pieces patterned with constellations of crystals and beads can still be surprisingly slim and sleek, as recent runway trends have proved. These embellished Zara shorts and bejeweled J. Crew sweatshirt embody the sparkly, yet minimal aesthetic.
How to wear it: Avoid looking grandmotherly by keeping your ensemble to one embellished piece, and ensuring the rest of your outfit is sleek. If you wouldn’t buy a piece unadorned, then don’t buy it because it’s bedecked in bling.
What’s your favorite trend for summer? Let us know in the comments.

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