Some Pricing and Payout Changes


When we started thredUP five years ago, our mission was to inspire a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first.  We wanted to make it super easy to get things you’re no longer wearing out of your closet, and put them online in a compelling way for people to shop secondhand fashion like they would at an e-commerce site.

As you may know, thredUP started as a peer-to-peer business connecting buyers and sellers just like eBay (but better we thought!). We quickly learned that most people don’t want to go through the work to sell their own things, and thought we could serve a lot more people if we made it much easier to both buy and sell awesome like-new clothing.

We were right! And with this new concierge service, we balance the needs of both our buyers and our sellers, along with the needs of the business (i.e. becoming profitable) to ensure we’ll be around for the long-term – for you!

With this in mind, we have two updates to share:

  • We are lowering prices! Yes, really! We wanted to make it even easier for you and your family to wear the brands you love, and ensure that secondhand shopping is the smartest fashion choice.
  • Our payout policy is changing for items listed under $40. Starting June 1, you will earn 10 – 25% upfront for these pieces, a range that previously went up to 40%. For most of you this will have very little impact on your thredUP experience, and you will still receive 40 – 80% of the resale price for items listed over $40. Our complete payout structure is available here.

These two changes will ensure that we can continue to provide the best overall sustainable fashion service for everyone. Our vision is to do all of the hard work to deliver an awesome experience for both our buyers and our sellers.

Have any questions or comments? Feel free to share them below or email [email protected] Thanks for reading, and sticking with us on our journey! We’re in it for you.

~ James Reinhart, CEO and co-founder

P.S. If you want to learn more about the business, here is a talk I gave earlier this year about thredUP’s evolution.

Celebrating #RealMoms this Mother’s Day

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked the thredUP community to share their most memorable real mom moments. The good, the bad (toddler meltdowns!), and the hilarious, so we could laugh (and cry) together.

We were absolutely overwhelmed by all of the beautiful stories and photos that were shared with us, and we wanted to share a few with you.

To all of you real moms out there, thank you for taking on one of the toughest jobs in the world! We wish you a very happy Mother’s Day, from our thredUP family to yours!


There are so many moments that come and go, it’s so hard to hold onto them at times. I remember once when Oliver was a newborn and we had to travel for my brother’s wedding. The night of the rehearsal dinner I took the little guy out to the car to nurse and didn’t think to bring anything with me. I mean, what could go wrong, right? I’m sitting in the car and all of a sudden I heard that gushy sloppy sound that can only be a blow out, and somehow I managed to catch it in my hands. So there I am, stuck in the car holding my newborn as well as his poop in my arms praying it won’t get all over my dress, but also questioning how I was going to get help. There was an Indian restaurant nearby and I was visualizing having to walk in there covered in poo and trying to explain why I must use their restroom. Somehow my husband, whom might I add is usually not very good at noticing the little things, realized I hadn’t brought anything with me and that I had been gone for quite awhile. He brought the diaper bag and saved the day/my dress from what could have been a smelly dinner. There are all kinds of interesting and wonderful things that happen as a mother, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!

– Alycia S


I will never forget this moment. My husband took this photo of me and our daughter as the sun was setting over Tianjin, China. This was the day that we met and adopted our precious girl after many, many months of waiting. It was a difficult transition and that day was so hard for her but in this moment, looking out over her city, she was calm and relaxed in my arms for the very first time. I feel so blessed to be called her mama and can’t imagine life without her.

– Kaitlyn B


After 2 surgeries, 3 IUI’s and 3 rounds of IVF……I get to soak in moments like this one of my 11-month-old son watching his dad mow the grass. My sweet miracle baby has taught me to soak up the moments of life. This kid is loved more than he could ever know, well, that is until he becomes a parent himself.

– Meg J.


Taking a winter hike on a mild day with my two youngest boys. The 2-year-old was determined to splash in every mud puddle, even though he was already soaked, and I let him, because you’re only little once, right?

– Meredith P.


My daughter was born the day before my husband was deployed. I had mixed emotions and the hormones did not help. I was happy that my husband was able to be there for the birth but also sad that he was not able to take me home from the hospital to share that special moment. Luckily I had a neighbor who was able to watch my older son who also picked me up from the hospital. My real mom moment came when she dropped me off and now I was a mother to two under two without my husband there to help. It was a learning moment for the children and I, and a lot of trial and error to get into a routine that worked for all of us. It showed me that you roll with the punches and just keep on going. It made me feel stronger and more capable than I imagined I could be. Don’t get me wrong I had moments where I was feeling sorry for myself and upset that it felt unfair that I did not get to rest and relax after childbirth, but those moments passed and the kids kept me busy and happy. They helped make the deployment go faster.

– Amanda B.


Want to read more #RealMom stories? Head over to our Facebook page to see all the entries!



#RealMoms: Amanda Miller


We’re so happy to chat with fashion instagrammer and working mama-of-two, Amanda Miller. Here, she spills her style secrets, talks precious mom moments, and shares what’s on her summer wish list.

What’s your go-to look during the week? Do you have a M-F uniform that you like?
My go-to look usually involves destroyed denim, a mash-up of prints and patterns, and cute, colorful extras. Because I wear scrubs four days a week, I make sure that on the other three days I am actually getting dressed and looking cute. Putting on a fun outfit always makes me feel good about myself.

Mornings can be hectic with kids in the house, do you have any quick beauty tips for busy moms?
Mornings are often hectic in our house (thank goodness for husbands!). My quick fix is either towel drying my hair and spritzing with a beach wave spray for a quick, natural look…or using dry shampoo for a day two hair. My makeup is basic: primer, foundation, some blush, mascara and eyeliner. It takes me all of five minutes to put on makeup—I’ve learned to do that quickly.

What items are on your wish list for summer? Is there a specific investment piece you plan to splurge on?
A white midi-skirt, neon tanks, and flat sandals. I would love to score a pair of Tory Burch miller sandals in black. I wear my cognac ones all the time—they were an eBay find. I’ll never pay full price for a pair!

If you could go back and give yourself advice during the first six months of motherhood, what advice would you give?
I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff and to go with MY instincts and what I feel works best for my baby and I. I did better with this the second time around but still struggled in the beginning. Society sets too many expectations for moms and really what it comes down to, is that you do the best you can for your family and yourself—that is a win, win in my book.

What’s your most precious mom memory so far? 
It is truly hard for me to come up with my most precious memory because every single day I look at my kids and it’s precious. Their smiles and their laughter is my absolute favorite thing in the world. I love to watch them grow and see them learn. Not every day is perfect and there are many times I have doubted myself as a mother, but my children are happy and healthy and that’s all I can ask for, and something that I can be proud of!


#RealMoms: Laura Bambrick

Laura Bambrick

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spotlighting a few of the moms we’ve gotten to know and love since they became thredUP customers.

Based in Wisconsin, Laura Bambrick is the lifestyle and fashion blogger behind I do deClaire, a speech therapist, and of course, a mom! Her utterly adorable daughter Claire is just two years old and chock full of energy. Discover Laura’s tips for staying stylish while raising a toddler, and find out what’s on her summer wish list.


What’s your go-to look during the week? Do you have a M-F uniform that you like?
When I don’t know what else to wear I typically pull out a button-up and layer it under a sweater with a pair of pants or a skirt. It’s a simple formula for a look that always feels put-together and stylish in a very classic way.

How about on the weekends?
During the weekend I love cozy sweaters or relaxed fit tops with broken-in jeans and flats. I still like feeling stylish, but I also want to be ready to chase Claire around the house, or run errands with the family.

Mornings can be hectic with kids!  Do you have any quick beauty tips for busy moms?
I wish I could give advice on this, but at this point I still need all the advice I can get! I do try to lay out clothes for myself and my daughter the night before which gives me more time in the morning. I also use my straightener to straighten and curl my hair so that cuts down on the time it takes to style my hair quite a bit!

What items are on your wish list for this summer? As there any specific styles you want to try, or a particular investment piece you plan to splurge on?
I’m on the lookout for a striped maxi skirt, bright pink bag, and a pair of Sperry’s (so if you see any come in, send ’em my way!). I would love to try more colored flats and heels, especially if I could find a bright laser cut pair!

If you could go back and give yourself advice during the first six months of motherhood, what advice would you give?
Don’t be so hard on yourself! There is so much pressure on mothers to be everything and do everything, but in the end it isn’t important if dinner is on the table at a certain time, the beds are made, or you have time to put makeup on.

What’s your most precious memory of motherhood so far? 
Every single day holds a precious mom memory for me. Recently one of my favorites is when my daughter tries to imitate things I do and says, “I like mama!”



Chic Reusable Items for Your Kitchen

We certainly get the temptation to skip out on filling your life with reusable items—after all, it’s much easier to throw away an empty water bottle or messy plastic bag than to rewash and reuse it. But in terms of small impacts that make a big difference, it doesn’t get much bigger than cutting throwaway plastic out of your life. So we’ve rounded up some reusable products that are way more good-looking and high-functioning than their wasteful alternatives. You’ll want to use them again and again.
bkr reusable water bottles
Water, water everywhere: Single-use water bottles are big business (the average American goes through 167 per year), but they’re also bad for the environment: making them chews through 17 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year. There are plenty of stylish alternatives to a standard Nalgene: the gorgeous glass-and-silicone Bkr comes in a variety of colors is a favorite of celebrities, while the Eau Good not only looks great, but has a built-in Japanese charcoal filter. For kids, Eco Vessel‘s fun bottles come in fun pirate, spaceship, and owl designs, and are stainless-steel (which means they’ll stand up to abuse).
Lunchskins reusable sandwich bags
Lunch bunch: The kids in your life likely already have favorite lunch boxes, but being an adult doesn’t mean you have to give up on toting one of your own. Try packing different dishes in a sleek Japanese bento box, or tossing your leftovers into a fun to-go container. You can also avoid waste by packing kids’ sandwiches and snacks in a reusable, dishwasher-safe Lunchskins bag, which comes in fun colors and patterns. For yourself, snag a canning-jar adaptor to turn any Mason jar into a chic to-go salad, complete with its own special dressing compartment.
Mercado Reusable Produce Bag
Totes cool: If you haven’t already invested in reusable tote bags, they’re a great way to haul things around and cut down on waste. (As long as you remember to take them with you—here are 10 ideas that help with that.) The roomy Mercado bag was designed specifically for keeping fruits and vegetables safe on the way home from the grocery or farmers’ market, while the tiny ChicoBag folds down into a small enough pouch to fit on your keychain. You can even use Zazzle to design your own reusable bag with family photos or kids’ artwork.
Reusable Bee's Wrap
Other waste busters: If you’ve been going through enough plastic wrap to boost Glad’s stock price, consider switching to Bee’s Wrap, a reusable alternative made from beeswax-infused muslin. They’re great for covering bowls, and have natural antibacterial properties. And if your kids can’t resist using straws in everything, consider investing in some reusable metal ones that are just as bendy as the original.
What reusable item is your go-to favorite? Let us know in the comments.

Celebrating #RealMoms

thred_01 (1)

This Mother’s Day, we’ve decided to celebrate all the #RealMoms out there! We want you to share photos and stories of your real mom moments- the good, the bad (toddler meltdowns!), and the hilarious, so we can laugh (and cry) together!

The best part? There’s a prize! 5 lucky winners will be chosen to receive stylized illustrations of their mom moments, created by artist Jeanette Getrost and a $75 thredUP gift card- which can be used to buy some new clothing that isn’t covered in baby food stains (yeah, we’ve been there).

So start sharing! Whether it’s a touching story of your baby’s first steps, a tragic tale of the day your daughter’s goldfish died (and the subsequent funeral your family had to hold before flushing him down the toilet), or a hilarious anecdote about a diaper-changing mishap, we want to hear it.

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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

It’s become standard operating procedure in most places to recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum cans, but that still leaves a staggering amount of trash in our bins that heads straight to the landfill. In honor of this month’s focus on keeping it green, we’ve searched out 10 things that may not seem recyclable—but totally are. From packing peanuts to worn-out sneakers, many of the things you might be throwing away can still have a useful second life. Here’s where to take them for responsible disposal.

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Recycle
Asthma inhalers: Instead of throwing them in the trash when they’re done, you can bring your or your child’s used inhalers to a pharmacy in one of 31 metro areas across the U.S., as part of a program sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.
Bras: A bra that’s lost its shape for you can still have a second life for a woman in the developing world, instead of clogging up a landfill. Bra Recyclers and Uplift Bras both take clean bras that are in decent shape. If the bra is too beat-up for reuse, you can also send an unlimited number to this recycling company for $5, where they’ll be turned into carpet.
Brita filters: Any Whole Foods will take them back, or you can mail them directly to Brita.
CDs: If you’ve long since converted all your music to digital files, it may be time to say farewell to your CDs. Send them (and their plastic cases) to theCD Recycling Center, and they’ll take care of the rest.
Christmas lights: HolidayLEDs will accept your broken and beat-up strands from any era—and give you a 15% discount on LED-based replacements.

Crayons: Once crayons are broken or mostly used up, they end up going to waste, but Crazy Crayons accepts donations to remelt into new crayons. Consider holding a school or neighborhood crayon drive, and teaming up to cover the cost of shipping in a box.
Packing peanuts: Every location of Pak Mail, as well as many locations of The UPS Store and Mail Boxes, Etc. will give your packing peanuts a second life in someone else’s box. For the latter two stores, call first to see if they’ll accept them.
Plastic plant trays, pots, and tags: Have leftovers from planting a garden? Any location of Lowe’s in the continental U.S. will take them for recycling.
Sneakers: Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe program will accept any brand of athletic shoe that’s reached the end of its usable life, to be recycled into sport and playground surfaces. (Shoes with metal cleats or spikes are the only exceptions.) They have collection boxes at all of their U.S. retail locations, as well as every Converse retail location.
Wine corks: If you’re a regular wine drinker, you’ve probably amassed a fair number of corks—which come from trees. Recork will help you find a nearby location to drop off and recycle them.