thredUP Commits $100,000 to Help Community Causes


If you had $1,000 in extra cash, who would you help?  

…My daughter’s community soccer league to buy new nets for the field.

…My son’s school PTA to buy new textbooks.

…My local museum for kids’ art programs.

Something we keep hearing from customers is their desire to help local causes and community projects with the earnings from their thredUP bags.  We put our heads together here in San Francisco and decided we’d create a feature called thredUP Groups to help our customers raise cash and awareness for local causes by making it possible for them to donate their thredUP bag earnings to a cause.

We’re so excited about supporting the many causes our customers care about that we’ve set aside $100,000 so that thredUP Groups can be matched up to $1,000 each.  Here’s the skinny on how to create a thredUP Group and earn cash for a cause you care about.

  1. Start a Group. Is there a cause that matters to you that would benefit from an extra $1,000? Groups big and small are invited to clean out their closets and earn cash for their cause.
  2. Invite others to join your group.  How much money you raise depends on how much clothing your Group sends into thredUP, so the more friends the merrier!
  3. Send in outgrown kids’ clothes to thredUP. Request free “clean out” bags and we’ll send you bags with pre-paid shipping labels. Fill the bag up with your high quality, outgrown kids’ clothes, send it back to thredUP and get paid for the items we accept.
  4. Once your Groups campaign finishes, thredUP will match you up to $1,000*.  (For example, if you meet a goal of $600, we will contribute an additional $600.  Or if you meet a goal of $1,200, we will contribute an additional $1,000.)

We’re thrilled at the chance to work with you to make a real difference!

 – The thredUP team

* Note: The thredUP matching program ends when we’ve exhausted the $100,000 fund, or December 31, 2013 (whichever comes first).  To be a part of the magic, make sure to create your Group’s “end date” is before that date!

38 Comments on “thredUP Commits $100,000 to Help Community Causes

    • We’re matching groups that have reached their goal amounts up to $1k per group and $100k total. It’s not a requirement that your group be one of the first 100 created. The match is made when the group reaches their goal amount. The goal amount must be raised by the group by December 31, 2013 :-)

  1. I am super excited about this! I have a few programs that I’ll be getting intouch with to see if they want to do this!

  2. I Have my sons soccer team who is in need of jerseys and shorts we have raised 800 dollars and this would be of great help to us we still need to raise about 1,000 more.

  3. This is great…I’m doing it for March of Dimes to support our group which is at! Thanks Thred Up

  4. I’m so excited about the opportunity to raise funds for my boys’ soccer teams! I have no many items myself that I can’t wait to send in. I’m sure all of the other soccer moms will be thrilled to join in…afterall, it’s all about the kids! Thank you Thred Up!!

    • That’s great Lisa we live in a small town so there is a lot of people who got hit hard with the lack of jobs. The kid’s that wanna join our soccer team have pretty much came with no gear so it’s been a challenge but we will not turn any kid away. We want them to be able to do what kid’s do which is play and staying active is a plus for our kid’s in this community it keep’s there little mind’s somewhere else instead of worrying about why there parent’s can’t find work it’s pretty sad.

  5. Given the deadline, this matching no longer exists? My son is just starting at a new school and funds are tight! We are looking at ways to fundraise. Thankss.

    • We’re matching groups that have reached their goal amounts up to $1k per group and $100k total. It’s not a requirement that your group be one of the first 100 created. The match is made when the group reaches their goal amount. The goal amount must be raised by the group by December 31, 2013 :-)

  6. Is there any way to know how much of the $100,000 thredUP has committed to matching has been used?

    • We are paying out the $100,000 as campaigns close. As most campaigns are still in progress, there is still plenty of money to match, so start your campaign now. We’d love to help contribute to your cause.

  7. Can our group cash out little by little before we reach our goal or does the money have to sit there until all is collected in order to be eligible for the matching?

    • Yep, you can cash out whenever you want, in increments or at one time. The counter will continue to go up on your page so your members can see a running total.

      • When do we receive the matching money, as we reached our goal?

  8. Do you accept womens and juniors sizes for the fund raising campaign or just kids sizes ?

  9. My dad is fighting Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. I would love to try and fundraise for him with you all. I just started the group page.

  10. Can I order bags to hand out to my son’s teammates & family members or do they all need to order their own bags

  11. I have several bags on the way and several more I’m working on filling. I don’t know if they will be processed in time, or if the money will be available for transfer in time for the end of the month deadline. How do you work it?

  12. Our campaign finished last night and we met our goal. Where will I see the match amount from thredup?

  13. We want to raise funds for our PTSA. I know that I get to see the first and last initial of people who have joined the group, but as the Administrator of the group, do I get to see how much each person in the group gets from their bags and the % that they donate to the cause? I’m concerned that there will be a temptation to keep the cash or only donate a percentage. How is the PTSA sent cash from the group? Check sent out at end of fundraiser? Many thanks

    • Hi Isobel – Individual contributors determine what % of their bag they want to contribute to a Group, and Group administrators are able to deduct funds using PayPal.

  14. Hello! I just saw your great fundraising opportunity! Is the oppprtunity closed yet or still accepting new groups?

  15. Hi there- Are there still matching funds available? If so- how much is left? Thanks!

  16. My son’s school is planning their 4th grade trip to San Francisco & Sacramento to learn about California history. We are coming from Southern California and I know that many parents are struggling to figure out how to pay for this trip. Would this count as a community cause? Thanks very much!

  17. Are you all still doing this? Or, is it too late for organizations to start in 2013? Is the Match still there for organizations for 2013?
    Thank you

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