Improving the Selection of Clothing on thredUP + Payout Changes

We’ve made some changes to the types of clothing we’re putting online in an effort to improve the quality and selection available on thredUP. This affects the low-priced, highly-discounted items thredUP will accept for resale. Please read below for details on how this may affect you. Thanks, James /CEO

Every day in our thredUP distribution center our hard working associates (now more than 100!) process thousands of items and make them available for sale. Over the last year we’ve put more than a million items online and in that time we’ve learned a lot.  In an effort to continue to improve our offering to customers, we’re making some changes.

First, one area where we’ve received consistent negative feedback is about the value thredUP provides on highly discounted, low-priced children’s items from big box brands (think: Target, Old Navy, etc.). Because these brands pursue a “high-low” discounting strategy (in other words, everything ends up on sale and then on clearance) it’s very hard for us to price these items competitively on thredUP and deliver value to both the buyer and the seller. In short: we simply lose money selling items from these retailers.

Second, we believe a lot of these lower-priced items are clogging up the thredUP browsing experience we want to deliver: great quality items of tremendous value from brands you’ll love (many of which you’ve probably never heard of). We sought to make the online used shopping experience easier, but in many cases, we’ve cluttered your browsing experience with items that don’t provide a lot of value.  A year ago when we had only 10,000 items online this was tolerable, but now with 250,000 it’s not.

Third, over the last year, with our operational costs of shipping, processing, itemizing, photographing and storing lower-priced items, we’ve found it’s just awfully hard to break-even on these low-priced items. Many of them sell very quickly, but a lot of them do not.  And the ones that do not sell (which we’ve already paid for), really are expensive to the business.

So with all that being said, we will no longer be accepting and reselling items which cannot be listed at an initial price of at least $6.49 (there will always be items under $6.49 as we regularly reduce prices on items over time). This translates to roughly a $15 MSRP item for kids and a $25 MSRP item for womens. We encourage you to make use of our updated calculator if you have questions about the acceptance of any particular item.  You will continue to see items for sale under $6.49 as we make this transition. This change will be in effect for any bags that are ordered after yesterday June 19th (in other words, if you order a bag today June 20th you will be part of the new acceptance policy). If you have a bag, sent a bag or ordered a bag prior to today you are grandfathered into the old schedule and will continue to receive payment for accepted items under $6.49. View Your Bags

We’re so thankful that we’ve been able to serve you all over the last few years. We really value your business, your support, and your feedback. We are committed to continually improving the thredUP experience and this is one more step in building the future of second-hand, practically-new clothes online.


James & the whole thredUP team

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  1. Well, this stinks… Ive been buying stuff from you for almost a year and have had my sisters and frienss buy stuff. We dont want cheap brands but it was nicw being able to buy my son 2.00 shirts that he will fit in for 2 months. This stinks but I knew it was a matter of time. ):

  2. You’ve gotten my last two bags ever… I’m glad they’re grandfathered in as they wend their way to you. As a plus-size woman, it’s next-to-impossible for me to find clothes anywhere that fit BUT “low brands”. I was so excited that I’d be able to sell off some of my own clothing instead of donating it. But you’ve basically decided you will no longer accept any of my clothing anymore, so what’s the point of sending you my stuff?

    1. Hi Jenny, it will be pretty rare that we don’t accept women’s items since most of them are above $6.49. So I wouldn’t expect this to affect your women’s shopping much at all. Once again, it’s not brand specific, it’s a combination of factors, which is why it’s worth checking our calculator a couple of times to gauge the likely payout. Thanks!

  3. This is really disappointing. I was a consignment store shopping/seller before finding ThredUp earlier this year and fell in love with the ease and cost savings. I understand the reasoning, but I think you may lose some customers over this decision, especially people that sell to you.
    I’m sorry, but some of my daughter’s favorite clothes are nice things from Old Navy and Target? Are they the new Walmart? The only reason I shop on ThredUp is for the cost savings on inexpensive clothes, not the “designer” brands. The reason I loved ThredUp is I felt like it WAS the only site that didn’t focus on high-end stuff. If I’m going to waste money on high-end clothing, it would not be for my 6 year old!! Also, I rarely spend $16 on a piece kid’s clothing that is going to last a few months before they grow out of it! So I guess now I won’t be able to send any more bags to sell either! Guess I better get one last shopping trip/bag in before things change! Back to the consignment stores I guess. Blah.

  4. Yes, maybe from a buying standpoint it may not be as horrible as it’s going to be to try to sell things. So if I sent in children’s clothing that I wasn’t sure if I paid $13 or $15 for, it would be either given to Goodwill or I’d have to pay to have them shipped back to me? Sorry, but that’s very risky when I can just take it down the street and I’ll get 60% of the selling price.

  5. Great move, thredUp. Your site is cluttered with the cheap stuff that I can find at any thrift store, yard sale or on clearance at the name-brand stores. It’s the higher quality stuff that I’m here for, and I’m glad to hear that you’ll be weeding out some of the junk.

  6. Unfortunately, I agree with a lot of the comments this is BAD NEWS. I LOVE Old Navy clothing and I buy it off this site constantly because I know how it fits. I have a hard time finding clothing that fits right (hour-glass figure). I also know it fits my daughter (she is on the tall/slim side). This will probably limit my buying on the site because I don’t know how or if the clothing from a lot of the ‘brands I’ve never heard of’ will fit. Hopefully you won’t lose too many customers that are looking to buy the brands they know and trust.

  7. I just discovered thredup and have made a few orders and sent in a bag. I like the less expensive brands and looked for those your website. The low cost was great and I don’t have to go from store to store looking for stuff. I can order it all from your site. I guess my experience with your website is over because I can buy stuff cheaper elsewhere and at other resale shops for less. I think more people are looking for the less expensive stuff than the designer brands. Where I am from Old Navy and Gap are the name brand. I hope you later regret this decision and change your mind so I can again shop your site.

  8. Very upset indeed……..I was just beginning to use Thred Up. Yes, some of the brands I can get for the same price as the stores…..But, with thred up—I didn’t have to fight the crowds, I can browse at my leisure, and in the comfort of my own home.

  9. Again why would you partner with Gymboree? You go to the Gymboree website and you can order a bag. If your no longer taking this low end brand, why partner with then?

    1. I think gymboree is staying. When they say low end brand I think walmart and target brands. Gymboree is considered a higher end brand than those. Gymboree is probably their main seller.

    2. I would not consider Gymboree a low-end brand and agree with Alyssia that this brand is probably one of the biggest sellers that thredUP has. If you get a bag from a partner vs thredUP directly, I believe that you will get a credit to use with the partner, not with thredUP. Might want to check that though.

  10. well you have officially lost me as a customer. this is awful, im not a person that can afford to pay seven bucks a piece on clothing for my child, walmart here i come. thanks for ruining it for me, for once in my childs life i was able to give him the clothes he deserved to have for just three and four dollars a piece it was awesome, but double that and im gone. so it was nice doing business with you but im done.

  11. I love the ease of Thredup! Thanks for making it easy to recycle clothing and find great deals on QUALITY items!

  12. As a shopper I think this will be a great improvement, as a seller I will just have to be more selective in what I send, the rest will go to friends or charity🙂

  13. I have bought 3 times from thred up and most of the things that I bought were from old navy and target, and a lot of the people Iam reading about seem to have been buying the same brands. Also there were times when I was browsing and went to buy the items and they were already sold, so for what I have seen these brands have been selling. I have definitely found Good, Affordable items in your store, but I have also seen ridiculously over priced merchandise. I have seen many shirts from a well known Childrens store (used) for 6 dollars when you can get it new with a cupon for 4. I think that perhaps you have forgotten what a consigment store is for. I was extremely happy to know that in this economy one of the things i wouldn’t have to worry about was shopping for my children; When I found your store. But like others have said…. i too saw this coming. Thank you. I too will be looking for another consigment store.

  14. Bad move thredup, very bad move. You are doing away with what I shop for on your site. I will be keeping tabs to see if your company reverses this very poor decision, but at this point it is unlikely that I will continue to be your customer.

  15. I’ve been sending and buying cloths for last year and I have noticed that a lot of the items I’ve send recently have been price very low under $1 and sold quickly for almost $10. The value of my bags have been declining over last 6 months even though the items in them are as good. I’m thinking of not sending any more items since it’s almost not worth it and especially with this new policy.

  16. Great job thredUP!!! If people want clothing from old navy, target and walmart then thats where they should go. Many of those items can be found at yard sales and thrift shops. Moms like me who invest in their children’s clothing and pay top dollar want to find high quality clothing and great prices. There’s a new reality show called “Resale Royality” they take in and sell nothing but high end resale clothing. You wouldn’t find any clothing from target their. I just purchased resale from a consignment store 3 pair of boys swim trunks from Villebrequin for $30.00 a pair, in excellent used condition. They retail for $150 up to $500 new. There are parents like myself who know quality and pay for it and who want to find quality used childrens’ clothing. Were looking for clothing from Brooks brothers , Vineyard Vines, Villebrequin, J. Crew (Crewcuts), Mini Boden, Johnnie b, Ralph Lauren polo,
    Patagonia , billabong, etc…… A t-shirt from “tailgate” retails for about $60 depending on size. I found one on thredUP for I think it was $7.99 in excellent condition. I would have been willing to pay $12-15 for it, in used condition. Abercrombie kids , and Hollister are winners to Thank You thredUP for listening.

  17. Seriously, if you bought a $2.50 WalMart granimals shirt for $1 on clearance, so can I! The point is to find unique items at a discounted price.
    I don’t care what people are complaining about, I think it is a good move because I didn’t go to a website called “GarageSaleUP”!

    This company has to look at the bottom line, at least they are staying in business.

  18. I think it’s an excellent move ThredUp. I want you to survive as a business! People forget that a $3 item on your site still requires a person to sort it, price it, take a pic of it, and post it online. How can you possibly break even on that?
    And it WAS taking way too much time to scroll through the obviously lesser quality clothes. Quality over quantity please. So thank you.

    1. I sell clothes on eBay and its costs me between 1.75 as $3 to ship an item depending on weight, 30 cents + 2.9% to PayPal and 9% to eBay. If I don’t offer free shipping (shipping included) I don’t get any buyers. If I price it at anything over $5, netting less than $1 not including price of item, I get stuck with the item. I understand the reason for this move, but agree that you may lose some customers, because the average person does not factor in the cost of doing business.

  19. There goes Old Navy, Gap, Carter’s, Osh Kosh B’ Gosh, Cherokee, Children’s Place, Crazy 8, Gymboree, anything Disney, all Walmart brands including Healthtex, Circo, any brand at Herbergers, JCP, etc… All these brands are deeply discounted at the retailer. Good luck! 👍👍
    P.s. you have the slowest shipping of ANYTHING from ANYWHERE that I have ever received in my entire life.

    1. Hi Lacy, it’s not brand specific so there will be thousands of those items, but likely only things which we believe have higher resal value. For example, you’re not going to find t-shirts from Old Navy, but jackets and outerwear definitely. Hope you’ll give us a chance.

  20. It’s sad you guys are saying thank you to the ones that support you but not addresses issues to the ones that don’t support you. Kind of a suck up for money it sounds like! Poor Customer Service is what it is.

    1. Hi Juliana, we’ve responded to hundreds of comments, but I’m sure we missed a few. We do our best to respond to everyone. If you have a specific question, please drop our support team a line. Thanks.

  21. Great idea. I suggest donating to women’s domestic violence centers, churches, am vets, etc. Items from chain retailers who choose to produce inferior goods in China and support the companies that strive on creative goods that are high quality and have fine workmanship that will last.

  22. Excellent move, thredup! I was just thinking last week that you should focus more on the mid- to higher-range items – especially for the women’s clothes. Your reasoning for the change is realistic and justified.

    I understand why so many are angry about this, but unfortunately companies need to make $$, and if it’s not financially sustainable to keep the lower-end items, then the business model needs to change.

    Everyone, think of it this way: if thredup can’t sustain its business model, then it will have to close its doors, and lay off its employees. Not favorable either, right? That’s maybe an extreme situation, but one that every company needs to consider.

    I have purchased from thredup twice, each time buying higher end items for my child. I like good quality, but I also love a good bargain. I can find the cheaper items at goodwill and other places.

    As for the women’s clothes, I find the move even more important. I would be thrilled to buy a pair of premium jeans for $40… ! Even if someone’s worn them before. The value for the consumer lies in the nicer items, not the cheaper ones.

    Good luck thredup. I already have a bag at the ready to sell some nice clothes.

  23. I totally appreciate the new pricing policy. The last time I wanted to shop, I ended up *not* buying anything because I didn’t have time to browse through everything. I can, and do, buy new clothing for less than $5 at Target and other discounters. If I can buy new at those prices, why would I bother to come here? I would rather see great prices on better quality merchandise at thredUP.

  24. You keep saying that you will continue offering items priced under $6.49. What are you plans?? Do you intend to have a permanent “Clearance Section”??? If not then your statement means that everyone has to wait for a sale. You should make this clear in your blog.
    Also, looking through the women’s clothing section, I don’t remember ever seeing brands like Liz Claiborne, Alfred Dunner or Sag Harbor (just to name a few) in Walmarts or Target yet there are a lot of these items currently priced under $6.49. What are you plans for these brands and others like this??

    1. They haven’t replied because they have no clue what they are doing!~ I think they are just making it up as they go along. I think you bring up a very valid point!~ There should be clarity on this.

  25. 1. My kid gets a lot of high end stuff from her grandparents.
    2. I can’t afford to give her that.
    3. I can send her old high end stuff in, and get something nice in return, that I picked for her OR that she picks. And as a single working mom, we don’t have to go to a store and deal with all that nonsense.
    4. That’s freaking awesome. Even if you won’t be taking some of my lower end stuff, I have plenty of friends with younger kids I can hand me down to. (Also, I initially thought you weren’t taking lower end stuff anyway so wasn’t sending you that much of that stuff…)

    Thank you. I’m still gonna use your site.

  26. Dear Thred Up. I’m so sorry your profit margin doesn’t match my barely there spending budget. I’ve enjoyed shopping & consigning with your site over the past year. I wish you the best of luck catering to folks who have a bigger income & more discretionary spending than my family. Goodbye.

  27. good move… for you! not for a lot of your customers as you see from the posts. As a single disabled mom this place was great. But then you changed everything. I gave up on THread up some time ago. would rather have the money sitting in my acct than spend it with you. and its been sitting there for over a year. why? have not seen anything i wanted to spend it on or willing to pay the price for, when i can go get it for less somewhere else. I dont even look at high end stuff, out of my price range. I will NOT pay over 6 for a t shirt or 25 for jeans at the most. Brands don matter to me. I’m not wearing them for their name tags.

  28. I think it’s great. Most of us experienced moms/shoppers know how to shop the big box stores and find stuff marked down to very low prices. I am one who wants to be able to visit this site and find stuff at the pricier stores that I don’t visit as often due to time and money constraints.

  29. Lost another customer here, too. My daughter wears 90% Gymboree. It fits her best, quality is good, and shrinkage is minimal so one outfit will last her a season whereas most other brands I can afford (Circo, Jumping Beans) shrink in 3 washes. This was one of the places I enjoyed buying her clothes from, despite the many frustrations of your web site, which is my next point.

    Your website is clunky and hard to shop. Clothing descriptions are sparse. Fabric content should be a priority yet it is overlooked completely. Details like linings and closure types are also overlooked. It is extremely hard to build outfits. I’m sure you receive lots of sets but you fail to translate that to your website. Most images do not have back views. Sorting doesn’t work properly. Clothes that should appear in categories don;t appear in them but when you look at all clothes, they are there. If I wanted to see all the dresses you had available, I would have to actually look through ALL of your listings, not select dresses from the menu. Shopping on your website takes three times as long as shopping most anywhere else.

    Not to mention the website hasn’t even been updated with a list of unaccepted brands yet. Potential sellers must first enter every manufacturer they own into your calculator, which is also clunky, just to see if it is accepted. These are the people you make your revenue from, and you are making them work unnecessarily hard. If you want us to select from an item in the list, then make the input areas drop down to begin with. It’s stupid to have to type 3-4 letters into each input box, THEN select a drop down item. On top of that, if you type the full brand name or clothing description (Shorts, Baby Nay), it then tells you you have to select from the list. Give me a break.
    Obviously, the business is overwhelmed and necessary decisions were made. I think better/different decisions could have been made but I don’t begrudge a business owner doing what they believe they have to. It is always great to see a small American business succeed. I wish you the best and hope you fix the website flaws. If I ever stop buying Gymboree for my daughter, I may return to you.

    1. Hi there – thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right the website needs to improve. We’re working on everything you suggest (really!). As for Gymboree, we will have more Gymboree than ever and now it will be easier to find. Give it a chance and you might be pleasantly surprise. Thanks!

      1. I apologize for ending the above comment somewhat abruptly. My daughter woke up and I had to hurry. My intended closing statements were going to be about fixing the website first, *then* making all these changes. Otherwise, as both a shopper and a seller, it feels like one frustration on top of another. ThredUp have grown such a large fan base and loyal shopper/seller pool, I just feel they could have gone about this a different way. I personally would rather wait longer for bag sortings or payouts, or gone to pay-as-you-sell type consignment, rather than nix it altogether.

        When you select Gymboree in the current calculator, it says you no longer accept it. A detailed brand/clothing list really needs to be published. I would also love to see a generalized buyout list instead of bag examples. I’m sitting on once used and NWT Gymboree here that I’ve yet to decide sending. The calculator search I did yesterday told me I’d get $0.90 for a top that cost me $20. Is less than 10% payout the average or the starting point? How much does that increase with NWT items?

        Thanks for replying!

  30. I suppose it doesn’t really effect me since I don’t have any bags to be grandfathered in on the old system, but if you’re grandfathering old bags, how come even yesterday when I looked at the bags new items came from there were so many things listed as “low price rejected,” there were even some things based on the tiny little pictures, I wanted to look at.

  31. Great now I’m torn…I stopped using your site last year after using it for several months, because I didn’t like the way you started running the payouts…Now here I am with a bag I received through your partnership with Gymboree filled to the brim, I’m literally about to send it with my UPS driver within the hour, and I dont know if I should. Yes its filled with high dollar stuff, but its the principle. I stopped using you because I didn’t like the way you were running it, then I see you guys vastly improved the site so I thought, ok this will be a test bag to see if things have really changed, then I see this!~ Can you say Omen?!~ Disappointed all over again…

  32. I am really disappointed to learn that accross the site you will not be listing items less than $6.50. My daughter wears a size 5 Gymboree. I love shopping with you but honestly I can do better at an outlet or clearance. $6.00 would be the very most I would pay for a top or any one piece for that age. I totally agree that the big box store clothes should be limited but does it make sense to do this for all?
    I think you are going to be loosing out. Why not just not accept clothing from target and old navy? Their clothes do not hold up well anyway.

    1. I agree Susan, I can find Brand New Clothes at lower prices than that. Hey as one mom to another check out they are a Sister Company to Gymboree and have sales quite often for clothes around $3.99. Love them and they are very high quality!~ -Megan

  33. Do you accept name brand baby slings….moby wrap and Serena + Lily sling?? What happens to the items we send you that you can’t use?

    1. We don’t accept slings at this time. Items we can’t accept because they cannot be resold we recycle or donate depending on the condition of the item (we work with a network of partners on this to make sure no items are wasted).

      1. Ok thank you. I love this site and I am happy about the changes. It will be less cluttered overall. Maybe y’all could make another category called DISCOUNT or something and move all the cheaper brands currently listed there so that people searching for those type garments can find them easier??

  34. So I say I’m on the fence and I get absolutely NO reply, but I can see that someone is available for replies…Well, thank you for making my decision so easy, I will NOT be sending in my clothes. I had it right the first time!~

      1. They are being selective. I asked a direct question and received no reply at all whatsoever when others after me received comments and replies from the Chief Mom. They are also removing comments.

  35. I think everyone needs to understand that at the end of the day thredUP is a business. I can understand the return on investment may not be worthwhile as it pertains to some of the heavily discounted items from retailers. From reading the other comments it still sounds like there is a market for these items so if thredUP doesnt meet your needs then I’m sure someone else will establish a similar business model.

  36. I think ThredUp should go and review their “Annual Resaler Report” and review their top 40 selling brands from last year.
    If you go to the payout calculator and do pricing for a short sleeve shirt in girls size 6 they will no longer accept them for Gymboree and Baby Gap–their #1 and #2 top selling brands from last year
    And yes, I know you will take the pants and other items, but it makes no sense to me to sell the pants of one brand and not the shirts. You should reexamine your decision and eliminate items by brand name and not selling price.

    I have always been a big supporter of thredup and defended them whenever an opportunity arose. However, in this case, I think they are shooting themselves in the foot.

    1. But I believe this is the big issue here…. If they are losing money selling a $2 – $5 dress which I can assure you they are after {even a low payout}, shipping {both ways if the buyer qualifies for free shipping}, any applicable promo codes, and all overheard including transaction fees, web hosting, their entire staff, affiliate & refer a friend programs and more then its not worth it. So, even as their number one seller that just means they are losing money that many times over. Its better to have 500 transaction where you make $2 than 100,000 where you lose 50cents per sale.

      They stated its not about brand name its about the value that item has on the site. Basically, if you as a buyer wouldn’t pay $4 for something because you can find it cheaper on clearance racks then why would they expect any one else to?

  37. wow TOTALLY just somehow accidentally posted this under the Haiti thread LOL, eh…: I’m confused… okay so I sent in a bag with the “old system”… does this mean I can or cannot send in Old Navy items, still? See, I am still looking into this… but I have a ton [think two large box fulls] of Old Navy items size 4t- a few size 8 [with the exception of 2 items] I believe all are boys. Anyway, many of them are just t-shirts [ringer t’s]. I am astill in the process of contacting someone higher up at Gap, inc. or whatever to figure out what all had happened… technically I could keep it all, but for one I personally do not like the styles or some of them anyway, for my son, and I don’t exactly need to hang onto all this stuff for like four more years! So, would I be able to send in stuff that is still packaged? It’s technically ‘NWT’ but think ‘NWT’ without a price on them… according to two service reps I spoke with I was never charged for the items [a year ago] but my CC number is on [only one] package slip. However, it does have an order number, but no CMR number. The order number is identical to the DISTROBUTION NO. 0.O … I’ve worked backstock at a few different retail stores including old navy and I am pretty sure that if a box is full of identical items in numerous sizes and colors, it is supposed to be SENT TO THE STORE. I tried to check my order history, but it suddenly and magically has ‘disappeared.’ [Ever since I made the calls to the service reps]. [Who said I could not return it because I never ordered it, and was never charged]. LONG STORY… confusing really. Still need to check my old old bank and old old credit card records. At this point I really don’t care if I paid for it or not but I DO know I didn’t order it and I DO know I no longer want this stuff. I am pretty sure like a few jackets/ winter coats or sweaters you could EASILY start at 6.95 if not higher. T-shirts probably not [Though the MSRP I believe is 14.00; though often on sale]. So, I can send them, cannot? Do let me know! I’m following this thred so, I’ll get the message!

  38. ” If you have a bag, sent a bag or ordered a bag prior to today you are grandfathered into the old schedule.”

    I hope that is right. I.E., I just answered my own question, and NONE OF ANYONE WHO POSTED SHOULD BE COMPLAINING, CORRECT? Just to clarify. Else, you may want to fix “old” to “new.” If it is correct, ThredUp is hardly hardly HARDLY ‘shooting themselves in the foot’ for they are already getting gads of said items…js’

    1. So… in the event that a consigner is refused payments they were given in the ‘old’ system in which we were stated to be ‘grandfathered into’ … how are you going to keep track of us ‘grandfathers’ and the newbies? Could not one be liable … in the absence of an agreement [noted in many comments], for a much more reasonable value of the items under the theory of Quantum Meruit as such would apply to business transactions online… which you could then argue ‘are not yet in existence…’ sigh… I mean you contradict yourself…?

  39. I really don’t think that Old Navy and Target brands should be left out. I only buy from you once in a while I like to see different things but get better deals on used kids cloths for my son and daughter at our local consignment shop. Sorry to hear this because these are the brands my kids love not the high end stuff.

  40. I won’t be sending in anymore bags. I think your pay out is awful. I received 10% of what you are selling my items for! What a profit for you! Not to mention all the items you didn’t take! I had some NEW items in there that weren’t excepted. I went through inch by inch on all of my clothing along with someone else. There was nothing wrong with the items rejected. I’m guessing you thought they wouldn’t sell so you said there was something wrong with them. However, I have been very satisfied with the purchase I have made with Thredup so I will buy from you again but I do like some of the brands you consider low send, such as Gap and Gymboree. The quality really is good but the price isn’t to high through your program. I don’t get upset when my very destructive 2 year old ruins a $10 pair of pants. Not everyone can afford or even wants to spend $30 on a used pair of pants when they will only be worn once before they have to be thrown away!

  41. Great move!!! I can find cheaper brands through other avenues! I buy high-end clothes and feel womderful being able to sell it to someone else to enjoy!!! So love seeing and buying other brands on the site that I’d buy otherwise at full price, but because if you I am more fiscally responsible! I will continue to send my bags filled with delicious things!

  42. I have a bag and was going to send some clothes, but I was curious about what I was going to get paid for my NWT items….because I am not desperate. It seems like it would be a better idea to have a garage sale.

      1. If we have a grandfathered bag, we can’t do that right now. I still haven’t gotten an answer to my question about your bag that unsealed in transit to the UPS store and got adhesive all over my NWT items and the best way to clean them so you will still accept them as NWT. I am thinking garage sale/Craigslist/Facebook may be the best way to go since I can no longer check the payouts of items still in the bag anyway. I did get a new bag, but I’m not transferring items until you tell me how to get the glue off so that you’ll accept them. I’m hesitant to even send the bag knowing it could break open in transit and the same thing happen.

  43. Well, this doesn’t sound so great to me. I love Old Navy, Carter’s and OshKosh for my son and I know how they fit him, etc. And I love getting things for 3.99 on your site! I’ll actually spend quite a chunk of cash because I feel like I’m getting a lot of bang for the buck!! Not anymore, huh? So much for “keeping things out of the landfills,” too, huh?

    I like high end things, too – once in a awhile. So – I guess I will just have to see how this plays out. I’m guessing I will NOT be purchasing as many items though…

    The idea that you will be selling high end items, many that I may not have even heard of (!) is NOT a selling point whatsoever. How am I supposed to know how it will fit my child? Kid sizing is bizarro. One brand’s 2T is another brand’s 3T! And with the amazing speed at which my child (and children in general, I’m told!) grows, spending $30 on a used “This-Is-Just-Cotton-but-Designed-by-Pierre” shirt is not a smart use of my hard earned dollar. So, you may be making these changes because of business need, but you may see fewer sellers and buyers for the same reason – just business!

    I TOTALLY agree with a previous commenter that you need to really keep working on your website functionality. It is really cumbersome to search for things! And colors are hit or miss. No outfits, even though I know I see things that are originally sold as part of a set! Closures and linings at materials? Well – everything that previous poster said, I co-sign!

    Good luck with the change. Hope it doesn’t tank your business.

  44. I just started buying from ThredUp. My first box was for 2 granddaughters and a grandson. My second box was for my 13 year old granddaughter. I had picked out some items for her to review before she was online with me and was choosing items herself. She kept all of my items until the end when she gave up some of her own and some of mine to stay within the budget I set for her. I haven’t sent in any items yet, but have a bag to fill. Although I got it before the change, I will go with the new rules to fill it. And I will keep scanning your web site.

  45. I am bummed about this. 1) I know I can pick up cheap clearance items new at Target, and I know you can’t compete with those clearance prices, but I have 4 little kids. I don’t get to Target, Walmart, etc frequently. Its tough to get out and it was so nice having an option to get these things online, without waiting to find the right clearance rack. We’re not asking you to compete, just to offer. As for the storage of items, perhaps you should consider offering bonuses for items you are lacking, and lower payouts for items you have a lot of.
    2) Consider your customer base. We are thrifty people. We buy from you and we sell to you. We do not buy things which cost $15 in the store. We just don’t. I certainly don’t spend $25 on an item for myself. I understand this is MSRP, but dang, do any of us even know what MSRP prices actually are? If it doesn’t have a red clearance sticker or a buy one get one sign, who even looks at it! I’m afraid these guidelines will prevent people sending in used items and therefore affect the choices I have. Perhaps the business model needs to change, not the product. I’ve been recommending your site to EVERYONE. I think I’ll have to stop that off for awhile until I see how this plays out. I hope you’ve got some good business and marketing folks, because where I’m sitting, this doesn’t look so hot.

  46. I think the new policy is great! When I shop through a consignment shop I am looking for items that I may not normally spend regular price. I love finding brand new high quality items for cheap. So glad I found thredUp both as a shopper and a seller.

  47. Very sad! I find that the clothes from Target are sometimes priced higher on thredup than Target clearance, but I still purchase them as they are still cheap here, and quite frankly, Target brands are made just as well (if not better) and in more sophisticated styles than Gymboree, etc. The whole reason I shop Thredup is to find clothes my child can stain without guilt … that means clothing under $5 in nice styles! For fancier items, I’m happy to shell out for them new.
    This is probably going to be the end of thredup for me … there are consignment stores near my home which will now be the cheaper and more convenient option. If I want to pay over $6.49 for play clothes, I’ll just shop sales or buy new… Target and Crazy 8 have $5 separates and Gymboree and Gap have $12.99 or less clearance.
    If the old Thredup model returns, please send out emails so we can come back.

    Read the post from “underneaththebigtop” carefully – a lot of great advice there!

  48. I have to praise the ThredUP CEO and his staff for a carefully-crafted, sensitive message that clearly explains the thoughtful, data-driven process compelling their decision to no longer buy and sell specific high-low-priced brands. If ThredUP doesn’t make smart, well-informed business decisions, it won’t survive. Perhaps, there’s a different business model that would be sustainable selling these brands, but ThredUP chooses to stick to its model because it’s honoring what IS working for most buyers and sellers, while also demonstrating humility and good business sense by changing what is not working for it and its customers. I have to respect this.

    Lastly, thank you ThredUP CEO and staff for your always personalized, intuitive communication style–whether it’s a form-email to let me know why processing my bag is delayed, a tailored response to my email inquiry, or a posted message to all of us about your commitment to customers and best business practices.

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