Back-to-You for Back-to-School

back_to_you_blog_banner_FINALBefore I co-founded thredUP and way back in 2001, I was teacher at Pacific Collegiate School. Every year I watched parents (Moms especially!) work hard doing everything and anything to help their kids get ready to head back-to-school. So here at thredUP this back-to-school season we’re doing something a little special.

We’re excited to announce a pilot program called “Back-to-You” – where Moms earn cashback for themselves for every item they buy for their kids. It’s our way of saying thanks to the Moms out there working hard to get kids ready to head back-to-school and encouraging Mom to get herself something nice this Fall.

The program is very simple. For every kids (boys, girls, juniors) item you purchase between July 22nd and September 13 (what we’ve decided is the back-to-school season), we’ll issue you 10% cashback on October 1st to use towards a women’s item(s). We will communicate the amount you earned for each order on your order confirmation and by email.  We are experimenting with this program as a long-term VIP perk and hope that you all enjoy it.

Thanks for all you do getting our kids ready to head back to school!


the Nitty Gritty Details (from the lawyers):

You only earn cashback on the paid value of the items (discounts, complimentary credits, etc. do not apply).  Returned items do not count toward credit. This reward will come as one coupon (totaling all the purchases you made during this period) on October 1st and will need to be used all at one time and is non-transferable. It will expire on December 31st at midnight PST. Void where prohibited.

49 thoughts

  1. Since Discovering ThredUP, JustA Couple Of Weeks Ago. I literally Have Become A Walking BillBoard For You Guys.. I absolutely Love This Site/App …
    Thank You,
    Heather Centeno

  2. I love purchasing things for my grandchildren. It helps their parents with the back to school empty wallet syndrome that seems to happen every year about this time…so I purchase what I can for them to help out…thanks for the great site/shop….:)

  3. Love this site it is awesome. The money I am saving is unbelievable went shopping at the mall and left with nothing everything was over priced. Thanks Lisa

  4. My favorite place to buy my granddaughter’s back to school and summer clothes items. They are always in beautiful shape and they have never been disappointed in anything I’ve chosen for them!!!

  5. This is my 2nd order! I was beyond happy with my 1st order of 2 hoodies for my grandson
    for winter! They both looked brand new!!! This very well might be my new favorite site!!

  6. Do “earned credits” from my prior clean out bags submitted also count toward the “Back To You” cashback? program.? I love the VIP perks – keep them coming!

  7. Its great that your reg. Loyal customers are getting some perks. I was getting disappointed that there are only deals and “coupons ” for new customers only…being a regular customer on your site i feel like maybe we should be able to get free shipping offers like at least 1 every month or a random 5 or 10 dollar off coupon every now and then

  8. What a nice idea-I shop for twins so I’ve always appreciated the quality and value at ThredUp and it’s especially nice to receive a perk as a regular customer.

  9. I really enjoy shopping on this site. With three kids it sure is hard to manage the clothing budget. Keep the perks coming! I certainly would love some more free shipping or exclusive sales.

  10. I like thred I am going to start getting my kids clothes here…. thanks for the great expeerience

  11. I’m a single Dad, and while I know the “Back-to-You” is affectionately targeted to the moms here, I’ll appreciate it all the same.😉 My daughters order arrived today, I was completely satisfied with all items – I just placed an order for my Son! You’ve made back-to-school shopping this year a huge win for me.. THANK YOU!

    P.S. Need to get some clothes for men in here🙂 This is perfect for the guy that hates shopping for himself in a mall!

  12. I love love love thredUp! Since discovering you a while back. My little sugar has become quite the fashionista. I can update her wardrobe all year around and it does not hurt my pocket. The best deal ever was finding some $80 boots for $28 here on thredUp.

  13. This site IS good to buy from but when I sent a whole bag in of brand new clothes I only got $4.79.😦 Was not happy. So I just used that money towards some dresses for the fall for my daughter. Won’t be sending in anymore clothes though. I would rather save them for someone who may need them that I know…

  14. I received my first order yesterday and was very happy with the clothes. I am hooked! I can’t wait for the rest of my orders to come.

  15. I am just starting to discover this site, and just made my first purchase, so far I am pleased with the experience and the pricing here. When I receive my items if they are as described I will be one very happy customer and will certainly return again for future shopping needs🙂

  16. Hi! I am still waiting for my purchases …😦 what is the status or who can I speak to?
    It was done on July 27th…

  17. I discovered this website through someone’s pin on Pinterest….and I’m so glad I did! As a teacher (who is married to a teacher), money is tight. Purchasing from ThredUp allows me to get more bang for my buck, while looking stylish and professional. I have been very pleased with my purchases — the clothes were in great condition and I’ve been wearing them constantly. Now when I go to the mall, I am not even tempted to pay full price or even clothes on sale!

  18. Oh, the joy! Shopping from the recliner for brands I know and feel comfortable ordering because I am familiar with their fit. Back -to – you is great. But we do need to include guys. Men’s sizes would be great.

  19. I’ve had an excellent experience shopping threadup. I purchased a bunch of tops for my little one and everything was in excellent condition or brand new. I saved a ton! I just placed an order over $200 again and I can’t wait to see what it all will look like.

  20. I love shopping with Thredup , excellent experience I have been very pleased with my purchase , great customer service too .Love it so much !!

  21. My 10 year old wanted a jeans skirt for back to school. All I could find were super short mini skirts at the stores today. I knew I would be able to find something more appropriate for my daughter on your site, and something she would like. We did, in fact we found 2! Thank you for your site and for the selection!🙂

  22. not sure how the back to you worked…. but wasn’t expecting it anyway so oh well lol. i see you take accessories now. THAT i can definitely fill some bags with! I hoard scarves and hats and belts and have no idea why… ya’ll should do jewelry 0.o

    Anyway, just saved over 600 dollars! woot!

  23. i have a five year old grandson who started school this yr and i have a granddaughter due any day and i am so excited i found this place i can now order clothes for them both on here and myself thank you so much you uys rock! Michelle Hanson from augusta maine🙂

  24. I placed my first order a couple of weeks ago just to see what the “catch” was. Much to my delight, there is none! I have recently lost a ton of weight, and it’s unbelievably expensive to replace one’s entire wardrobe I have always coveted Coldwater Creek jeans and I am now the proud owner of two pairs (size 10P, I must brag), which look entirely brand new and I couldn’t be more thrilled! So are my two daughters and 5 grandchildren. What a brilliant idea! Please keep up the good work!

  25. I am a property manager in Texas so I see a lot of people everyday. When I found thredUP and made my first order, I received so many compliments and questions about where I got my dress, and for how much. When I showed them the application on my phone and they saw the prices, nearly everyone that day downloaded the app to their phone. Since then I have had residents make it a point to come by my office just to show me what they purchased and even had a lady call me from work one day just to ask if I had gotten anything new from thredUP lately. After all the noise I ended up adding thredUP to the shopping section of the new resident paperwork and in our newsletter issued out monthly to our property! We enjoy it, and thank you for actually giving us a break on clothing. The prices are outrageous at times. And thanks to all the giving people who send in their clothing so generously! You guys should win an award! Thanks again

    As a single father, and a regular, I CAN’T use my promo code because it’s only for WOMEN’S items? Seems a bit biased in my opinion. I’ve requested it before, and I will again – How about some respect to the Fathers shopping for their sons and daughters? Any chance you can swing my sizable discount to my kids clothes?

    Wonder if I can give this promo code away? Anyone?

    1. As a followup, I wanted to extend a thanks to customer service for making it possible to use the value of my promo code on my kids. Please don’t forget us Dads in the future!


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