Introducing our Back-to-School VIP Program

vip_blog_bannerWe’re excited to announce the launch of our experimental VIP program! Like most VIP programs, this designation is reserved for our most committed customers and is our first attempt to reward them (we hope to do more soon!). To make this designation, we looked for a natural cut-off to separate those folks who were making thredUP their regular shopping and clean out destination as compared to folks who were casual users of the service.  To be considered a VIP, you needed to be in the top 5% of purchasers or sellers on thredUP in the last 12 months by purchase or sales volume. It’s a work in progress, but we feel like it’s a great step forward as we encourage a deeply loyal following and reward our very special customers.

This back-to-school season we’re giving VIPs the ability to shop our back-to-school collection of clothing before anyone else. Since mid-June, we’ve been setting aside a portion of clothing that comes in and reserving it exclusively for the back-to-school season. While we’ll make this inventory available broadly to everyone on July 25th, we will give VIPs and their friends early access to these items on July 22nd.  VIPs will see products that have been set-aside and designated for the VIP shop as well as an account badge designating their VIP status. Like all VIP experiences, it’s always more fun with friends, so we’re also allowing VIPs to invite three friends to join them as VIPs just for this back-to-school experience.

Since the set of VIPs is very small, this will have very little impact on the availability of a wide selection of goods at great prices for everyone this back-to-school season. But we think this is a great reward for our VIPs.

Going forward we will work to develop additional benefits for our thredUP VIPs and we encourage you to let us know what you think would be a great VIP perk or perks you have elsewhere that you’d love thredUP to offer.

the thredUP team

34 thoughts

  1. Nice! I love the VIP program and look forward to even more VIP perks in the future! I think it would be great to have a “good anytime” free shipping perk for VIPs for when we have a small order as well as a 20% discount from time to time. It’s great to reward your loyal customers, and we appreciate it!

  2. Seems very silly to restrict merchandise availability. Isn’t the point to have the widest audience available? Free shipping no minimum would be a better perk for VIPs then they could scoop up what they wanted without trying to wait around to find enough decent stuff to get to $50.

  3. I agree with the above post-the occasional bonus of any-time free shipping would be fantastic and a bonus 20% off coupon would be a nice perk.

  4. This is so cool! I love being a VIP! I agree with the poster above – a special VIP discount code would be great now and then. I love all the discounts new shoppers get and all…but it would be nice to be rewarded for being loyal, too. 🙂

  5. I LOVE thredup! I find the best deals, love the quality, customer service….you guys have it all! And now a VIP program?! Too awesome! I’m always wishing for free shipping or a coupon code🙂 A stay-at-home-mommy budget is tight😉
    Thank you for recognizing me as a VIP! Bring on the great perks and benefits as often as you can! I check your items daily and would love to buy more!🙂

  6. This is a great offering! As future suggestions, free shipping on an order less than 50.00 minimum is a nice offer. My local kids consignment runs a the-more-you-buy-the-more-you-save, where 10 items are lets say 10 percent off, 20 items 20% off..thanks for thinking of us!🙂

  7. I was chosen to be VIP and I LOVE this little perk!🙂 Very awesome! And I agree with Nancy.. a 20% discount from time to time or Free Shipping from time to time for VIPs would be sweet too!😀

  8. wait, so i can’ t just invite a friend that’s already purchased from thredup it has to be someone who’s never purchased before?

  9. I think its kinda sad that b/c I didnt spend a certain amount, but have shopped many times before, that I cant be invited as a VIP. I was totally prepared to drop MAJOR cash on back to school shopping! (love getting exclusives!)The excitement faded when I read the notes above… I even had an invite from a friend. oh to drop my cash somewhere else!

  10. I like the idea of a VIP program, and I agree that a little discount or free shipping no minimum would be a nice perk! Or an additional credit amount for a thredup bag sent in…like a $5 bonus or something =)

  11. Simply love Thredup and the great kids clothes that are in great condition at very affordable prices.:-) Also love the VIP status!

  12. Discount code & free shipping! It would get more people to buy things to get to VIP. Plus we buy from your store ALOT so why not give us free shipping & a discount code?

  13. An exclusive VIP program is a great incentive, but I agree with those above, I’d be more excited to have a free shipping here and there instead of early access as I already check for my favorite brands to buy frequently.

  14. Yes I am in agreement with the above. All places I shop have some coupons from time to time. And most have some reward program even if it is small it is nice. (just use Gymboree for example…..They have a reward for every so much purchased, but its something silly like $5 for every $250 spent which is not really good, but it always surprises me when the rewards come. Also Stride Rite has similar, don’t know the ratio but its nice to get $10 off a pair of shoes from time to time)
    And as far as the NAY Sayers…..It is good to be REWARDED for being loyal! I know I have probably spent $600-800 on here in the 3 months I have known about it and invited about 25+ friends. I think that is as loyal as it gets! Thredup thanks for noticing.

  15. I’m so excited to have VIP status : ) If we are such a small select group free shipping would be nice on our orders or maybe a discount off. I don’t care, I love this site!!!! I like the cash back thing you’re doing now too. It would be cool to make that a permanent feature! I wish we could use it on kids clothes as well as womens though but i’ll still use it.

  16. While I feel it is a great idea, for those of us who have just begun shopping with you, there is no way to become a VIP until months ahead.

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